Tamarind Pork Belly Curry (Porku Tambreneu)

Tamarind Pork Belly Curry (Porku Tambreneu)

The word that our family uses for each dish provides rare clues as to where each branch of our ancestory comes from. This dish has always been called “Porku Tambreneu” in our family, the Tambreneu being a Portugese word for Tamarind. Whilst many of the Sri Lankan named dishes came from Nan’s mother-in-law, this Portuguese dish was taught to Nan by her Grandmother.

Nowadays Nan, always the pragmatist, has a blender to quickly make the curry paste but, if you have the time, the authentic method that Nan’s Grandmother taught her was with flat stone pestle and mortar, adding the ingredients one by one as in the recipe here.


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